How To Make Efficient Use Of Radix & Rely NOW Updated With GST Feature

NOW that Radix is now with the LATEST GST feature, we’re more inclined towards provide support to our software users to make efficient use of our fully GST compliant software.

At first, all you need to do is, get the latest GST feature added to your software. For which you’re just a step away.

Below are some of the steps that you need to follow on account of adding the latest GST feature into your software.



1) Get Your Software Updated Online.

a. You need to get your software updated online to get the GST feature added into your software, for which internet connectivity is the most important factor.

b. But, make sure you’ve taken a proper backup of your data before updating the software to avoid any future disruption.


2) Enable GST In Your Company

a. Second step is enabling GST in your company for which you need to follow the instruction provided in the manual.

b. You’ll find the manual here.


3) Setup Your Supplier & Customers

a. Here, you need to add up the details of your customers & suppliers.

b. You’ll find a complete list of information that you need to provide for your customer & supplier in the manual again.


4) Create HSN/Commodity Codes & SAC/ Service Codes for your Supplies

a. GST Tax counting is based on commodity/HSN Code & SAC/ Service Code, so it becomes mandatory to select the exact codes for your products/items & service.

b. To get the codes for your product/items/service, you need to consult your CA, he’s the best person who’ll make you better understand the significance of these codes & WHY & HOW to make use of these codes.

c. You’ll find complete summary of creating HSN codes here.


5) Setting up Item/Products Master

a. Your next step would be adding your desired items/products into the software.

b. You’ll find the summary of adding the item/products into the manual again.


6) Set up your Books of Accounts

a. Now you can set up your books for your accounts. The books can vary in types. E.g. Purchase/Sales, etc.

b. You’ll find the list of books & configuration details enclosed in the manual.


7) Start GST enabled Transactions (Sales/Purchase invoice) Entry in RADIX.

a. Now when you’ve completed setting up the codes, entering items/products, setting up the books, its turn for you to enable the GST transaction into RADIX.

b. But, before proceeding towards the entries, make sure to select appropriate Co. Assesses type & enter proper GSTIN in the company’s information page.

c. Make sure you have entered GSTIN & State of Supply and other GST information in your Customers/Suppliers from Masters->Account.

d. Take a note of whether or not you have created HSN/Commodity codes or SAC / Service Codes for your supplies (Goods/Services) and entered in all your items or at least set up the default HSN /Commodity and/or SAC/Service Code in your Company GST Information.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your Software is Now GST enabled!!

You’ll find a complete summary of the above process HERE..